Olu Ogunnaike b. 1986

Olu David Ogunnaike is an artist whose practice sits between experiments in sculpture, drawing, performance and installation. This centres around his use of materials, in particular wood, which he directly correlates with identity, both personal and communal. His interest lies in the investigation of the rituals and events that inform our sense of individual and collective self-becoming. Ogunnaike uses nature, and more specifically trees, as a motif of the onlookers of the community in which they grow and occupy; exploring their potential for reflecting systems present in the intimate and public realms we inhabit. Interested in our composite identities, his explorations in the changing states of the materiality of wood look to point to the residues of potential narratives; narratives that become ingrained into a resource inextricably linked to our historical development. What can happen when a tree is uprooted from one geographical setting and turned into an object in another.