Alba Hodsoll b. 1990

Sexuality is at the forefront of Alba Hodsoll’s graphic works in paint and ink, where crisp lines and restrained colour palettes combine with the negative space of the canvas to produce a distinctive vision of feminine physicality. Opening up a space of interaction between ‘nakedness’ and ‘nudity’ just as she plots a delicate course between the figurative and the abstract, Hodsoll poses questions about the synthetic and the bodily, as well as human and non-human nature, increasingly employing unconventional materials like plaster, resin and silicone. Hodsoll’s first solo exhibition was at Alex Eagle Studio in London in October 2016, and her second solo exhibition, ‘PoV’, followed at Cob Gallery in February 2017, curated by Antonia Marsh and Dominic Jones. Her work featured in Cob Gallery’s contribution to the 2018 ‘Drawing Now’ event in Paris, and the gallery also hosted her third solo exhibition, ‘Seed’, in the Spring. 
Alba Hodsoll (b. 1990 lives and works in London) graduated from the Visual and Critical Studies course at the New York School of Visual Arts in 2015. Apart from her solo exhibitions at Cob Gallery (2017, 2018) and Alex Eagle Studio, London (2016), recent group exhibitions include Fálico Mágico?, Lamb Arts, Sao Paulo (2018); An Exhibition of Recent Work, London, (2017), The Wing Collection, The Wing, New York (US), The Belly and The Members, Cob Gallery, London (2017), Drawing a Blank, Old Kent Road Studios, London (2017), Sans Titre: Vol. 3 Nothing to Hide, 45 Quai de la Tournelle, Paris (2017) and We The Women, The Palace, Los Angeles (2017). Hodsoll has also completed various residencies including ‘Writing in Taos’, Taos, New Mexico, USA (2016) and ‘Girls Only Residency’, Brooklyn, New York, USA (2014).