Sunyoung Hwang South Korean, b. 1988

2014–2016      MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London
2009–2012      BFA Fine Art (First Class Honours), Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, London

2021  (Duo) Convergence and Collapse, Grove Collective, London
2019  (Solo) I Feel Guilty About Missing You. Because I Didn’t Feel Guilty About Leaving You, GalerieERD, Seoul
2018  (Solo) The Echoes of Forgotten Nights | The Chadwell Award Winner's Exhibition, Nunnery Gallery, London
2017  (Solo) With Half-Closed Eyes, GalerieERD, Seoul
2016  (Solo) Liminal Moment, Project Gallery, Arundel

2022  In Awe of You, Liliya Art Gallery, London

2021  Ellipsis Prints Billboard Takeover, Wells Terrace, Finsbury Park, London

2021  Swimming Backwards, Sid Motion Gallery, London

2021  The Top 100, The Department Store, London

2021  Origin, Delphian Gallery, London
2020  Antisocial Isolation, The Saatchi Gallery, London

2020  Urban Reckoning, The Koppel Project Hive, London

2020  Art Central 2020 (Digital edition), Hong Kong 
2019  Delphian x Guts, co-curated by Delphian Gallery & Guts Gallery, The Factory, London

2019  Landscapes for Liquid Memories, curated by Piorgio Caserini, SWAB Barcelona, Pabellón Italiano, Barcelona

2019  Hangar Open Day with Artists in Residency, Hangar Artistic Research Centre, Lisbon

2019  The AucArt Lab, curated by George Lionel Barker, 189 Gloucester Place, London 
2019  Last Night a Brush Saved My Life, The Address Gallery, Brescia
2018  Young Contemporary Talent Purchase Prize 2018, The Cello Factory, London         

2018  Her Place II, GalerieERD, Seoul
2018  Fresh Paint, Messums Wiltshire, Salisbury
2016  Mince, curated by Shelf, 11 Market Way, London
2016  Lost in the Woods, The Square Gallery London, London
2016  Rén (L'Homme), Centre Artasia Paris, Paris 
2016  Bath Open Art Prize 2016, at Fringe Arts Bath Festival, 44AD Artspace, Bath
2016, curated by Josefina Nelimarkka & David Schroeter, Dyson Gallery, London

2016  Opia: SÍM Artists in Residence Group Exhibition, SÍM Gallery, Reykjavík
2015  Things That Matter; Emotional Intelligence in Research, Hockney Gallery, London
2015  RCA Secret Dubai 2015, at Art Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai 

2020  Longlisted, Jackson’s Painting Prize 2020, London
2018  Finalist, Young Contemporary Talent Purchase Prize 2018, The Ingram Collection, London
2016  Selected, Travers Smith CSR Art Programme 2016–17, London
2016  Winner, Chadwell Award 2016, London
2016  Third Prize Winner, Bath Open Art Prize 2016, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath
2012  Shortlisted, Open Art Competition 2012, Radcliffe & Newlands, London
2011  Awardee, Steer Memorial Prize, Slade School of Fine Art, London

2019             Hangar Residency, Hangar Artistic Research Centre, Lisbon
2019             The AucArt Lab, AucArt, London 
2016–2017   Chadwell Award 2016, a studio residency with Bow Arts, London
2015             SÍM Residency, The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavík, Iceland