Kevin McNamee-Tweed American, b. 1984

b. Stanford, California. Lives and works in Durham, North Carolina



2020 MFA University of Iowa

2019 MA University of Iowa

2008 BFA New York University



2023 Institute of Contemporary Art, Chattanooga, TN (Forthcoming)

2023 Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville, SC (Forthcoming)

2022 Cob Gallery, London, UK (Forthcoming)

2022 Fiction Workshop, Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA

2021 Time in the Time of Time, L21 Gallery, Mallorca, Spain

2021 Natural Clock, Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX

2021 Probable Presence, Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA

2021 With Objects from Victoria & Albert, Slow Install, London, UK

2020 Moon Over Math Town, Harper’s, New York, NY

2020 Tableaux Vivant, Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA

2019 Literature, Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA

2018 Beret Debt, Devening Projects, Chicago, IL

2018 Already Not Yet, Shrine Gallery, New York, NY

2018 Slow Rocket, 57W57, New York, NY

2017 Little Hawk Field, Rod Barton, London, UK

2017 New Top Old Bottom, Left Field, San Luis Obispo, CA

2017 The End, Bay Space, Portland, OR

2017 Self-Tourism, The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX

2016 Handmade Books, The Menil Collection Books, Houston, TX

2016 Bread In North Carolina Butter In Tennessee, The Still House Group, New York, NY

2016 100 Views, Lower Left Gallery, Austin, TX

2015 Words, Pump Project, Austin, TX

2015 Sherts and Dreams, Las Cruxes, Austin, TX

2014 Karl’s Korner, Bolm Project Space, Austin, TX
2014 Books, Co-Lab Projects, Austin, TX

2014 Books, Little Berlin Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2014 Books, Farewell Books, Austin, TX
2013 Shit Show, Eleven Seventeen Garland, Austin, TX
2012 Rocks, Big Medium Gallery and Project Space, Austin, TX



2021 Here Come the Suns, Bark Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2021 Known Unknowns,  Studio Archive Project, New York, NY

2021 New Moon, The Valley, Taos, New Mexico

2020 Essential Goods, Fisher Parrish, New York, NY

2019 Power of Ten, Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA

2019 Summer Soup, Gallery Three One Three Four, Brooklyn, NY

2019 Highway Blues, Underdonk, New York, NY

2019 4th Dimensional Issues, Adams and Ollman & Melanie Flood Projects, Portland, OR

2018 Afire, Skylab Gallery, Columbus, OH 

2018 All You Can See, Rizzuto Gallery, Palermo, Italy 

2018 Pablo, Cabinet Printemps, Dusseldorf, Germany 

2017 Born To Run, Lane Meyer Projects, Denver, CO 

2017 Another Place, Shrine, New York, NY 

2017 Spring 1883 Sydney Australia, Dutton Gallery (NY) 

2017 GIFC, The Hole, New York, NY 

2017 Eyes Ears Nose Etc Etc., Left Field, San Luis Obispo, CA 

2017 Zing Zam Blunder, Harbinger Projects, Reykjavík, Iceland 

2017 All American, PM/AM, London, UK 

2017 GIFC, Athina Gallery, Athens, Greece 

2017 Part IV, MTG, Austin, TX 

2016 Return Policy, The Still House Group, New York, NY 

2016 A Room with A View, Eddy’s Room, Brooklyn, NY 

2016 In Residence, Las Cruxes Gallery, Austin, TX 

2016 By The Pound, MoHA, Austin, TX 

2015 A Little Me Time, The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX 

2015 Coming To Terms, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA 

2015 Bazt, Flux Factory, New York, NY 

2015 Desktop Archeology, The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX
2014 Austin Pavilion at Art City Austin
2014 Conspectus, Co-Lab Projects, Austin, TX
2014 AHöM, The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX
2013 A Catalogue, Tiny Park Gallery, Austin, TX
2013 F.R. Etchen Collection, Big Medium, Austin, TX
2013 The Drawing Show, Pump Project, Austin, TX
2012 Farewell, Wardenclyffe Gallery, Austin, TX
2012 Medium Small, Big Medium, Austin, TX
2012 The Monster Show, Domy, Austin, TX
2008 Period, Rosenberg Gallery, New York, NY



2022 NADA, New York, NY, Dutton Gallery (NY)

2022 EXPO Chicago, Illinois, Steve Turner (LA)

2021 ARCO Madrid,  Madrid, Spain, L21 Gallery (Mallorca)

2021 Future Fair, New York, NY, Dutton Gallery (NY)

2021 Untitled Miami, Miami, FL, Steve Turner (LA)

2020 Dallas Art Fair, Dallas, TX, Conduit Gallery (Dallas)

2020 Future Fair, New York, NY, Dutton Gallery (NY)

2019 Art Berlin Fair, Berlin, Germany, Steve Turner (LA)

2019 Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark, Steve Turner (LA)

2018 Swab Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain, Dutton Gallery (NY) 

2018 Art Brussels Fair, Brussels, Belgium, Steve Turner (LA) 

2018 UNTITLED MIAMI, Miami, FL, Steve Turner (LA)  

2018 Spring 1883 Fair, Melbourne, Australia, Dutton Gallery (NY) 

2018 NADA, New York, DUTTON Gallery (NY)  



2019 Midred Pelzer Prize, Iowa City, Iowa

2018 Wilhelm and Jane Bodine Fellowship, Iowa City, Iowa

2017 Iowa Arts Fellowship, Iowa City, Iowa

2017 Artist in Residence, Bay Space, Portland, Oregon

2016 Montello Foundation Fellowship, Montello, Nevada

2016 Artist in Residence, Montello Foundation, Montello, Nevada

2016 Artist in Residence, The Range, Saguache, Colorado

2015 Commission by Austin Bergstrom Airport, Austin, TX

2013 Best Work of Art 2013-2014, Austin Critics Table, Austin, TX

2013 Best Curation of Group Exhibition 2013-2014, Austin Critics Table, Austin, TX

2012 Best Solo Exhibition 2012-2013, Austin Critics Table, Austin, TX



2017 Island Oasis Mirage, Canopy, Austin, TX 

2017 Run-off, exhaust, and other pressures, with Bennet Schlesinger, Big Medium Gallery, Austin, TX

2017 One Hundred Views, Lower Left Gallery, Austin, TX

2017 Evening with Forest Bess, Big Medium Gallery, Austin, TX

2016 Mother Popcorn, curated with Peter Shear, Big Medium Gallery, Austin, TX 

2016 Tito’s Prize: Zach Ingram, Curatorial Panel Member, Austin, TX 

2016 Focus, East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX 

2016 Sun Spots, Big Medium Gallery at Canopy, Austin, TX 

2016 Lauren Moya Ford: New Hands On Old World Flowers, Big Medium Gallery, Austin, TX 

2015 Think East, Fusebox Festival, Austin, TX 

2015 Print Austin, Juror and Principal Curator, Canopy, Austin, Texas 


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