Jack Jubb British , b. 1993

b. 1993, Oxford, UK.  Lives and works in London, UK.


BA Fine Art, Goldsmiths University 2012-2015



2022 Viscous Cycle, The Residence Gallery, London, UK

2021 Feeling Sentimental, DJ Berlin, Germany



2022 Apotrope, Cob Gallery, London, UK

2022 Salon, Guts Gallery/ The Sunday Painter, London, UK

2021 Memeplex, Seventeen Gallery, London, UK

2021 The Future isn’t what is used to be, Moarain House, London, UK

2021 Des Nous Jours, Osnova Gallery, London, UK

2021 Gnosis Show, Daisy’s room, London, UK

2021 Halcyon on and on, Franz Kaka, Toronto, Canada

2021 Being Here, Kupfer Project, London, UK

2021 Earthlings MMXXI, The Residence Gallery, London, UK