Caroline Zurmely American, b. 1994

Caroline Zurmely’s practice is often driven by material, texture and process above theme or subject. Recent series include nail polish enamel relief paintings and pieces made by manipulating the fibers of vintage towels.  Her work with nail polish explores tabloid photography and scenes of public mourning in tight close-ups, crafting opposing senses of intimacy and remoteness between the viewer and subject.  Utilizing unconventional materials and restricting the scope of her pieces, Zurmely aims to alter the viewer’s experience with respect to distance.


Caroline Zurmely lives and works in Dallas Texas.  Group exhibitions include Apotrope, Cob Gallery, London, UK (2022); Young Sculptors Exhibition, National Sculpture Society, NYC, NY, US (2022); By Yourself with Everyone, Good Mother Gallery, Part 39, US (2021); Painting Senior Show, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI, US (2017).