Mia Middleton New Zealand

Mia Middleton is an artist based in Sydney, Australia working in painting and sculpture. Disembodied forms and hybridised objects populate her work, forming a kind of relational archaeology that is both visceral and mythic.
Mia Middleton uses the medium of painting to explore the concept of time whilst likening an entanglement created by the representation of fleeting phenomena via static imagery and the durational flow of painting.  For Middleton, the reverberations and limitations of images feels like a fitting way to depict the philosophical and psychological considerations of being. Through painting, Middleton shares a kind of perpetual charge and alludes to many temporalities on one plane. Middleton’s works evoke layered histories through the medium of representational painting and its lineage, and also explore the patina and flux of memory and interiority through seriality and associations between subjects.
Solo exhibitions include; Through the Gate, PPP, UK/Digital (2022); When the Edge of the Head was a Hole, Fires, Sydney, Australia (2019); Being There, Blindside Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (2018); Turn it into Water, Homesession, Barcelona, Spain (2018). Group exhibitions include Apotrope, Cob, London, UK (2022); What Now, PM/AM, London, UK (2022); New Landscapes Pt. 2, Lon Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (2021); Open Source Studio, Digital Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art Residency (2020); Flogging a Dead Horse, Canteen, Sydney, Australia (2020); Futures, Hyper Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia (2019); Concept 2017, CICA Museum, Korea (2017). Residencies include Seoul Museum of Art SeMA NANJI, Seoul, Korea (2020).