Bella Hunt & DDC American - French

Bella Hunt & DDC are a duo of French-American sculptors living and working in Provence and forming part of Marseille-based sculptural collective Southway Studio. Bella Hunt & DDC's sculptures and ceramics are rooted in historical fantasies and uchronias, drawing on ancient and medieval forms and popular culture, from fantasy to car tuning, while eschewing any inclination toward classical purity. 


Bella Hunt & DDC look to the Mycenaean, Minoan, Hittite, Etruscan, or early medieval worlds, drawing inspiration from the forms and motifs of eras and civilisations often overlooked by the general public. Using ancient techniques and processes such as stucco-lime and ceramic, the duo focusses on a practice of creation around objects such as vessels, wall-based sculpture, fountains, and a fantastic figurative statuary, with organic accents.  Bella Hunt studied Fine Art at Les Beaux-Arts in Marseille and Art History at Università di Roma in Rome. Dante Di Calce is self-taught, and comes from a family of craftsmen and artists. 


Exhibitions include Uncanny Depths, curated by Emmanuelle Luciani, MAMO, Marseille, France (2022); Species of spaces, curated by Alexandra Romy, Miami, USA (2021); Royal Fantasy, curated by Emmanuelle Luciani, Sainte-Anne Gallery, Paris, France (2021); History of Fantasy, curated by Emmanuelle Luciani, Everyday Gallery, Anvers, Belgium (2021); Too fast too knight, curated by Emmanuelle Luciani and Daniel Fuller, A. Romy Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland (2021); Anima Mundi,curated by Emmanuelle Luciani, Manifesta 13, Abbaye Saint-Victor, Marseille, France (2021); Les Chemins du Sud curated by Emmanuelle Luciani, Musée régional d’art contemporain, Sérignan, France (2019); Santibelli, curated by Emmanuelle Luciani & Charlotte Cosson dialogue avec la collection Pierre Bergé, Musée Estrine, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France (2019); Southway Austin with Andrew Humke, Austin, Texas, USA (2019); DOMESTIC – Like Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, curated by Emmanuelle Luciani & Charlotte Cosson, galerie Truth & Consequences, Geneva, Switzerland (2017); Pre-Historic, curated by Emmanuelle Luciani & Charlotte, Cosson Leclere centre d’art, Marseille, France (201