Charlotte Edey British, b. 1992

Charlotte Edey's work is primarily concerned with contemporary issues of selfhood and the politics of space. Her narratives employ cultural signifiers to allow personal mythologies to weave life into ancient motifs through the language of symbolism.


Her process combines tapestry, embroidery and sculptural walnut as an expansion of her drawing practice. This journey between dimensions from her works on paper - what is added, altered and even removed by these multiple processes - creates a complex layering to her textile work. Mark-making and gesture are explored through hand-embroidery in silk, forging a relationship between drawn line and thread. Her installations reference ritualistic methods of display from altarpieces to shrines, forming portals to imagined other- worlds that offer the opportunity to investigate our present.


Charlotte Edey (b.1992) lives and works in London.   Edey graduated from The Royal Drawing School in 2021 and Chelsea School of Art and Design in 2011. Solo exhibitions include; Echolocation, Public Gallery, London, UK (2019); Artist of the Day, Flowers Gallery, London, UK (2018).  Group exhibitions include; Abracadabra, Alma Zevi, London, UK (2021); Supermarket, Design Museum, London, UK, (2021); From Cellar to Garret, South Parade, London, UK (2021); Small is Beautiful, Flowers Gallery, London, UK (2020); Transatlantico, MANA Contemporary, Jersey City, British Isles (2020); Ancient Deities, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh, UK (2020); No Time Like The Present, Public Gallery, London, UK (2020); This Tragedy with Ginny on Frederick, Fonda, Leipzig, Germany (2020); The Great Women Artists x Palazzo Monti, Brescia, Italy (2019); ING Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London, UK, (2019); Motherline, Flowers Gallery, London, UK (2019); Subversize Stitch, TJ Boulting, London, UK (2019); Every Thing, Assembly Point, London, UK, (2018); In the Company Of, TJ Boulting, London, UK (2018); The Great Women Artists, Mother London, London, UK (2017).