Tahnee Lonsdale British, b. 1982

Tahnee Lonsdale’s paintings explore identity, sexuality, independence, and the digitized methods of human connection that she developed during her experience in quarantine isolation. Working in oil and spray paint, Lonsdale’s canvases reveal abstracted autobiographical narratives that investigate the dichotomies of contemporary womanhood. She explores the push and pull between the many roles of her public and private life, specifically the contrasting desires of women to be mother figures as well as sexual creatures, strong and powerful as well as soft and nurturing. Lonsdale’s works challenge her viewers to see women as complex and full humans that evade the flattening of one identity, and instead morph, shift, and spill into many roles simultaneously. Her figures are blocky and strong, while also soft, with delicate gestures and diaphanous bodies that suggest both tenderness and fluidity. Though she refers to her paintings as autobiographical, Lonsdale does not see these works as solely overt depictions of memories, but rather portraits of true feelings or emotional states she has experienced. Aspects of reality do intertwine with these feelings: fruits, flowers, and furniture hint at domestic spaces, but the paintings are rooted in Lonsdale’s inner world. Objects and miniature scenes within the paintings create subplots so that ultimately her works leave the viewer with both an imprint of an emotion as well as a lingering sense of curiosity about the stories behind each scene.


Tahnee Lonsdale graduated with a BA painting from Byam Sham School of Art, University of the Arts, London in 2007.  Forthcoming solo exhibitions Tahnee Lonsdale, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, US; 2022; Tahnee Lonsdale, Mine Project, Hong Kong, 2021; Tahnee Lonsdale, Cob Gallery, London, UK, 2021.  Solo exhibitions include Something Other Than This, De Buck Gallery, New York, US 2020; flowers & knots, Pt. 2 Gallery, Oakland, CA, US, 2020; Tender Loin, Dellasposa, London, UK, 2019; tear here, 0.0 LA, Los Angeles, 2019; Furnished with Roberta Moore, Herrick Gallery, London, UK, 2017.  Selected group exhibitions 12 Artists, Harpers, New York, 2020; No Time Like The Present, Public Gallery, London, UK, 2020; A Show Of Hands, September Gallery, New York, US, 2020;  Foam Corp, Los Angeles, US, 2020; Star Goddess Island, Wonzimer, Los Angeles, CA, US, 2020; LA: Night and Day, The Lodge and Cura, LA, 2020;  Run Straight Through, Torrance Art Museum, 2019; Rainy-day Canape, LM Gallery, Rome, Italy, 2019; Oneiric Landscapes, 5 Car Garage, Los Angeles , 2019;  LA Women, Saatchi Art, LA, 2017. Fairs presentations include Night Gallery, Frieze LA (Upcoming), 2021; Night Gallery, NADA, 2020; De Buck, UNTITLED Miami, 2020; Monti 8, Art Verona, 2019; Zona Maco, De Buck Gallery, Mexico, 2017.