Tahnee Lonsdale British, b. 1982

Working between the figurative and the abstract, Tahnee Lonsdale produces paintings that are intimate, agonised, tender and formidable. Developed through an intuitive process of drawing in response to particular emotional states, her canvases are populated by distinctively feminine forms whose swooping, structural physicality is an assertion of both power and vulnerability. Emotional experience is rendered as both private moment and public rite: a process in which interior life is turned outward and the individual self is split into multiple bodies entwined with or superimposed upon one another. Layering colour within restricted palettes, establishing depth through blocks and textures rather than gradations of tone, Lonsdale modulates acute autobiographical introspection into moments of collective affinity.


A graduate of Byam Shaw School of Art, Lonsdale has exhibited in solo shows in London, Hong Kong, New York and Los Angeles, where she is currently based. Recent solo exhibitions include 'Under The Shell' at Cob Gallery, London (UK) in May 2021, and ‘Now You See Me’, at Mine Project in Hong Kong in February 2021. Lonsdale has an upcoming solo exhitbion with Night Gallery, LA (USA) in Spring 20222, and her work was shown with Night Gallery (LA) at NADA Art Fair Miami 2020 and Frieze New York 2021.


Previous solo exhibitions include: Something Other Than This, De Buck Gallery, New York, US 2020; flowers & knots, Pt. 2 Gallery, Oakland, CA, US, 2020; Tender Loin, Dellasposa, London, UK, 2019; tear here, 0.0 LA, Los Angeles, 2019; Furnished with Roberta Moore, Herrick Gallery, London, UK, 2017. Selected group exhibitions 12 Artists, Harpers, New York, 2020; No Time Like The Present, Public Gallery, London, UK, 2020; A Show Of Hands, September Gallery, New York, US, 2020; Foam Corp, Los Angeles, US, 2020; Star Goddess Island, Wonzimer, Los Angeles, CA, US, 2020; LA: Night and Day, The Lodge and Cura, LA, 2020; Run Straight Through, Torrance Art Museum, 2019; Rainy-day Canape, LM Gallery, Rome, Italy, 2019; Oneiric Landscapes, 5 Car Garage, Los Angeles , 2019; LA Women, Saatchi Art, LA, 2017. Fairs presentations include Night Gallery, Frieze LA (Upcoming), 2021; Night Gallery, NADA, 2020; De Buck, UNTITLED Miami, 2020; Monti 8, Art Verona, 2019; Zona Maco, De Buck Gallery, Mexico, 2017.