Scarlett Carlos Clarke British, b. 1992

Scarlett Carlos Clarke is a British artist whose practice spans photography, sculpture, video and installation.


Carlos Clarke’s work is defined by its seductive and otherworldly stylisation in both production, character and narrative. Carlos Clarke’s meticulously crafted, all- encompassing sets emerge as visual ‘worlds’ that probe the the space that lies between ease and threat; the familiar and the strange. Carlos-Clarke’s hyperbolic vignettes of stereotyped domesticity seek to destabilise the comforts of home life.


Borrowing cues from mundane suburban lifestyle ideals, Carlos Clarke’s unsettling images and immersive installations predominantly question invisible forces that have mutated our awareness to possess our society. Meanwhile, Carlos Clarke’s tableaux, in a deliberate upset of a balance between fantasy and fright, serve as conduit to broader examinations of perceptions of female beauty, collective identity and a suffocating human fear of isolation in the face of confinement.


The hermetically sealed environments that characterise Carlos Clarke’s photographic work serve to heighten a psychological intensity between subject and setting. Whilst her works seem to strike a chord with traditions in photographic portraiture, it is the setting that becomes the subject matter.; surroundings that harness a looming and existential threat that, by the time we have encountered them, has long engulfed her subjects, rendering them inert, bewitched, controlled, and, ultimately, unable or unwilling to escape.


Carlos Clarke lives and works in Kent, UK.  Previously, Carlos Clarke has collaborated with the fashion and music industries, creating video work for bands such as Fat White Family, as well as artists including Bo Ningen. Carlos Clarke's has worked on several editiorial campaigns and her fine art photographic, video and installation works have featured in numerous group exhibitions in the UK and internationally.


Group exhibitions include; New Femininity # 3, MELKWEG EXPO, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2019;  New Femininity # 2, Curated by GIRLS, Mutuo Galeria, Barcelona, Spain, 2018; Pillow talk, curated by Antonia Marsh, Palm Tree Gallery, 2018, London, UK; A Story the World Needs to See, Berlin Feminist Film Week, Berlin, Germany, 2017; New Femininity # 1,  curated by GIRLS, Blender Studio, Berlin, Germany, 2016;  Toilet Humour, curated by Antonia Marsh, Doomed Gallery, London, 2016;   Take! Eat!, Diane Chire and Mc Llamas, St Marylebone Parish Church, London, UK, 2015.