Peter Doyle b. 1992

Peter Doyle is known for his distinctly vibrant, mixed media and acrylic figurative paintings. Doyle’s paintings possess a charming intimacy in their formal naivity driven by a voyeuristic restlessness to interpret the quick observations of everyday life whilst demonstrating his love of humdrum. Doyle see himself as a curious outsider, who takes pleasure in capturing rare instances of quiet or the daily mundane of his subjects - finding beauty and inspiration by the ways in which someone is sitting on the bus, on a chair or waiting in line. Doyle transplants his characters into semi fictional scenarios - often flanked by exotic still lives set within decorative interiors to transform seemingly banal ‘moments of nothing’ into that of a cinematic sensibility. Having described his approach as ‘casual’, Doyle’s work can be recognised by his immediate, definitive way of mark making and honed skills painting graffiti rather than going to art school. This is evident in his work, his courageous and expressive style feels emancipated, and emerges in refreshing contrast to the art school graduate. 


Peter Doyle’s (b. 1992, Dublin, lives and works in London) upcoming solo exhibitions include Cob Gallery (2020) ‘A Stags Head’; Atelier Maser, Dublin (2018) Duo and group presentations include 'Fumbally Exchange: Peter Doyle and Kevin Flynn'.