Rhiannon Salisbury

Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury is a London based artist. Her work focuses on the boundaries between real and fictional experiences, the blurry line between the conscious and unconscious mind. Charged with an emotional imprint, Salisbury’s paintings reveal society's harsh scrutiny of the female appearance, and in response to the proliferation of imagery that is omnipresent in the digital realm, reinterpret advertisements, highlighting the absurd messages hidden beneath the glossy alluring surface. 


After receiving a first class honours for her Fine Art Diploma at The Art Academy, Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury was awarded the 2015/16 John Hoyland Scholarship to study her MA at Chelsea College of Art. Rhiannon has been the invited artist in residence at “Rimbum Dahan”, in Kula Lumpar, as well as gaining places on a residency in Guadalajara, Mexico last year, and was previously awarded a scholarship to complete the Rome Art Program. Recent exhibitions include ‘NEW WORK PART III: SUBJECT’, Cob Gallery, London (2018); ‘White Supplies Last’, Gift Shop Gallery, Seattle (2018); ‘Extended Call iii’, Subsidiary Projects, London (2018); ‘Accessorise With A Tiger’, (solo) Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh (2018); ‘Extended Call ii’, The Parasite, London (2018); ‘Set 24’, Turps Painters curated by Rhiannon Salisbury and Craig Lee, London (2018); ‘Artist Of The Day’, Flower Gallery, London (2018); ‘Harbingers’, London (2018); ‘Extended Call’, London (2018); ‘Paper Cuts’, Kristian Day, Transition Gallery, London (2016); and ‘Aqui y Alla’, Cookhouse Gallery, London (2016).