Aksiniya Misyuta

Aksiniya Misyuta’s (b. Bryansk, Russia) abstracted, figurative and still life works are a reaction to an image polluted, post-internet world.  Her primitive works attempt to re-set the relationship between image and audience-  who is satiated with a never-ending stream of visual content. Mitsyuta harnesses an Adamic visual language within her abstracted compositions. This purity of approach, engages the viewer with a sensation of the ‘first ever glance’ suspending an experience of the ‘eyes of a newcomer’ when the brain has little to no information and triggers the process of cognition. 


Misyuta employs a technique where the recognisable with connotative are in flux. Her compositions nod to both figurative and still life traditions, yet all objects of reality and comprised of sets of random forms and figures are reduced to fragmented ’pseudo flesh’. Her inflated forms, impregnated with a universal vulnerability, are a pin prick away from unveiling feelings and anxieties associated with a contemporary experience brought about by the excessive informational stream. This exchange between perceived and the unrecognisable, the cartoonish and the human, compels the viewer recognise themselves within Misyuta’s characters.


Recent exhibitions include 'NEW WORK PART III: SUBJECT', Cob Gallery, London (2018); 'Drop Out', Super Dutchess, New York (2018); 'Kofta Fata', Mayakovsky Memorial Museum, Moscow (2017); 'Baby, I'm a star', Romeo NY Gallery, New York (2016); Illustration Biennale, Haarlem (2014); and 'Go figure', Fashion Space Gallery, London (2012).