Ren Ri (b. 1984) is a Beijing-based biomedia artist and beekeeper, whose work investigates the relationship between humanity and nature. Recognisable for his use of beeswax, Ri’s mesmerising sculptures are a by-product of the artists specialist understanding of bee psychology, with the works representing a symbiotic collaboration between Ri and insects. Central to Ri’s practice is the concept of Yuansu. ‘Yuan’ meaning element, and ‘su’ meaning mold- the word in full can be translated as ‘a comprehension of the gestalt of life’. For Ri, Yuansu acts as a portmanteau to describe the duality between- the tension which becomes the foundation of life, ‘yuan’, and the relationship formed by two entwined life forms, ‘su’.


Selected exhibitions include Ren Ri: Yuansu Projects, Pearl Lam Galleries (Hong Kong SOHO inaugural show), Hong Kong (2015); Fusion Convergence, T-Museum, Hangzhou (2014); Fame Di Terra, Amy-D Arte Spazio, Milan (2012); 6th Art Laguna Exhibition, Venice (2012); and Carve & New Media, 798 Art District, Beijing (2007). The artist has also won numerous international awards including the Kaiseeing Award, Germany (2015) and the Award of Excellence, Young Artists Exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia for ‘Goddess’.