Fernando Casasempere

Fernando Casasempere (b. 1958 lives and works in London)  is a sculptor working with ceramics, the traditional material of pottery, to explore ideas of landscape and the environment. Conceptually his use of earth/clay and his concern with nature and ecological issues connects him to artists associated with the Land or Earth Art movement, such as Robert Smithson and Richard Long, however works out of a different cultural tradition, being profoundly inspired by the Pre-Columbian art and architecture of Latin America.


Casasempere’s prevailing subject matter, the Chilean landscape, has inspired a conceptual investigation into the processes by which that landscape has been exploited. In particular, he has worked with copper tailings, industrial waste materials produced by copper mining (copper being the principle export of Chile) to make work that explores ideas around ecology and geology. Casasempere's work calls into question the relationship between art and the environment, between culture and the earth itself from which the sculptures are made. Although his work is predominantly abstract, much of it can be read topographically, almost as a document of the landscape from which the materials have been sourced.