George Rouy’s dancing and fighting figures curl and contort into the confines of the canvas boundary. Rouy’s grouped figurations more often than not appear as one mass, a tangle of disproportioned limbs and features. Rather than showing an explicit narrative, the seductive rendering of form and shape in his works takes on metaphorical significance: “The tilted heads in some of the figures make a reference to frustration and things being broken. I would say every series has an awareness for what’s currently going on, both in myself and in the world,” he says. “I like to depict a sense of beauty paired with darkness, either within their expression or pose. I am quite specific with these poses and it takes me a while to get the right balance.” Rouy’s vibrating colour palette focuses our attention on his unique rendering of human form, although these are recognisably male or female depictions, Rouy’s paired down warpings give his subjects, be it human or animal, a primal or alien ’otherness’. 


George Rouy graduated from Slade School of Fine Art and lives and works in London.