Paloma Proudfoot

"I make shells. These are empty eggs, skittles without weight, skin without fruit."


Producing immaculate, manufactured and warped forms, Paloma Proudfoot's sculptural practice borders on the uncanny, and inadvertently calls into question the traditions of ceramics. Purposefully, Proudfoot dents the inanimate object, creating concave cheeks, deflated bellies, protruding spouts and pupil-like cavities interrupting the ovoid impenetrability of these ceramic husks. Not quite broken, they are still aspiring, just falling slightly short. However, these failings become virtues, the shallows and openings transform these objects into vessels, creating opportunities to fill their emptiness.


Proudfoot works in collaboration with artist and choreographer Aniela Piasecka, drawing Proudfoot's ceramics and clothes-making together in performance. Proudfoot and Piasecka are also co-directors of the performance group Stasis. She graduated from the Royal College of Art (2017) and lives and works in London, UK.