Paloma Proudfoot British, b. 1992

Paloma Proudfoot uses sculptural objects as characters, a set of players that repeat, morph and re-emerge across different works through installation and performance. Using slip-casting to make hollow ceramic husks, Proudfoot manipulates these casts creating concave cheeks, gutted bellies and protruding spouts. These shallows and openings transform the objects into vessels, creating opportunities to fill their emptiness with materials that perish or metamorphose over time. Drying and decaying eggs, flowers, berries, home-brewed alcohol and bath salts mould over and alloy to the ceramics exposing their vulnerability and interrupting the immutability of the medium. Transposing her experience in clothes-making techniques to clay, Proudfoot also uses pattern-cutting methods to slab build figurative work, playing between the two-dimensional pattern pieces and three-dimensional forms they make up.

As well as her solo sculptural practice, Proudfoot has a number of ongoing collaborations; including with the sculptor Saelia Aparicio; with the artist and choreographer Aniela Piasecka; and with the performance group Stasis.

Paloma Proudfoot (b. 1992) is an English artist living and working in London. Proudfoot studied her BA (Sculpture) at Edinburgh College of Art graduating in 2014 before completing her MA (Sculpture) at Royal College of Art in 2017. Recent and forthcoming solo exhibitions include Title TBC, Soy Capitan, Berlin (2019); 'The Detachable Head Serves as a Cup', Cob Gallery, London (2018); 'The Bin Room', Stryx Gallery, Birmingham (2017); 'There is One Missing From Your Bunch', May Projects, London (2016); and 'The Jockey', Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (2015). Recent and forthcoming group exhibitions include 'Becoming Plant', Tenderpixel, London; 'La Louisiana', Sans Titre, Paris; 'The Clean Carcass of the Host', Marso Galeria, Mexico City (with Galerie Sultana and Sans Titre for Condo Mexico) (all 2017).