Inspired by a diverse array of source material, Tomo Campbell's large-scale oil paintings are constantly altering, extending and breaking down conventions. His abstracted depictions of 'traditional' subjects such as hunting, parades and explorers are, as he puts it, 'never quite solid or whole', yet they exude an extraordinarily rich sense of vision. 'I try to paint in a way that makes the paint vibrate', says Campbell, 'to make it look light and delicate and on the cusp of shifting'. Campbell's bold and layered arrangements of complementary colours, reminiscent of  the Rococo, offer multiple focal points and keep the eye in constant motion. Balancing activity and stasis, confidence and doubt, his works occupy a fertile space somewhere between the known and the undiscovered.


Tomo Campbell lives and works in London. Recent solo exhibitions include Spitting Feathers, Cob Gallery, London, UK (2023), From Now On, Q Contemporary, Hong Kong (2022); If You Know How To Get Here, Come, County Gallery, Palm Beach, FL, USA (2021), Go on Then, Cob Gallery, London (2020); There, Cob Gallery, London (2018). Campbell’s work was presented on David Zwirner’s PLATFORM with County Gallery, Palm Beach, FL, USA (2023). Group exhibitions and art fair presentations including Birdsong, Timothy Taylor, London, UK (2023); About Art, Makasiini Contemporary, Turku, Finland (2023); Stream Under Representation, Asia Art Centre, Taiwan, China (2023); CAN Contemporary Art Now, Cob Gallery, Ibiza, Spain (2022); EXPO Chicago, Cob Gallery, USA (2022); Untitled Art, Miami Beach Cob Gallery, USA, (2021); Veil, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh UK (2018); Dallas Art Fair, Texas, USA (2017).


Between 2012- 2013, Tomo Campbell participated as the first artist residence at the English National Ballet.