Born in London, UK. Lives and works between UK and USA. 



2019-20 Tonight Lounge,  Cob Gallery, London, UK

2019 Ocean Sands, Matches Fashion, 5 Carlos Place, London, UK

2016 Lorena Lohr, Claire de Rouen Books, London, UK

2015 Ocean Sands, Cob Gallery, London 

2013 Photo Show, Rochelle School, London, UK



2019 Horizon Avenue, Photo Saint Germain, Paris, France

2018 A Shade of Pale, The Store x 180 Strand, London, UK 



2018 Photo London, London, UK




2019 Tonight Lounge, published by Cob Gallery, UK

2019 (Ongoing) Scenic Views, a magazine of overlooked interiors. in collaboration with Louise Benson, published three times a year 

2018 Bar Room Paintings - self published

2018 Blue Springs, published by Rough Trade Books, UK 

2017 Texas Blue - self published 

2017 Tonight Lounge - self published

2015 Desert Moon - self published

2014 Western Nights - self published

2013-2014 Ocean Views, self published biweekly photozine.

2012 Desert Sands, self published

2011 Palm Desert, self published 



Cob Gallery, London, uK

Claire de Rouen Books, London, UK 

Dashwood Books, New York, NY, USA

Gucci Wooster Bookstore, New York, NY, USA

Arcana Books, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Le Bal Books, Paris, France

Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France

Stack, London, UK

Mag Culture, London, UK

Foyles, London, UK

Shakespeare and Co, Paris, France