Hooker’s Green Lake Special Edition

Faye Wei Wei
Portrait 32 pages
Publisher: Editions Lutanie
ISBN: 978-2-918685-15-9
Dimensions: 280 x 203mm

Hooker’s Green Lake presents a series of recent drawings by Faye Wei Wei.


December 2020

Printed in Italy

20,3 × 28 cm, 8 × 11 in., 32 pages

English edition

ISBN: 978-2-918685-15-9


45 limited edition copies are accompanied by one of a series of 5 personal photographs signed by the artist.


Published by Editions Lutanie, with the support of Cob Gallery.


Online book launch: 14th December 2020 6PM GMT / 7PM CET

Hooker’s Green Lake Special Edition: Faye Wei Wei
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