Tonight Lounge

Lorena Lohr
Tonight Lounge: Lorena Lohr
Publisher: Cob Gallery
Dimensions: 232 x 292mm
Pages: 164
ISBN-13: 978-0-9933948-1-2
£ 30.00

Cob Gallery are proud to publish Lorena Lohr: Tonight Lounge - the first complete survey of Lohr’s photographic still life documentation of her journeys across America for the last decade. This hardback publication comprehensively brings together each chapter of Lohr’s ongoing series ‘Ocean Sands’. 


Hardback bound in leatherette with red foil deboss

Contributors: Kirk Lake, Louise Benson

Number of Plates: 116

Number of Pages: 164

Designed by Lorena Lohr with finishing by Michael Nash Associates.




Claire De Rouen, London, UK

Arcana books, Los Angeles, USA

Dashwood, New York, USA

Le BAL, Paris, France