We Go Out

Miriam Elia + Ezra Elia / Dung Beetle Ltd
We Go Out: Miriam Elia + Ezra Elia / Dung Beetle Ltd
Publisher: Dung Beetle Ltd.
Dimensions: 178 x 112 x 10 mm
Pages: 46
isbn: 9780992834913
£ 20.00

Artist Edition



In book 1c of the Dung Beetle Learning series, mummy takes Susan and John out for an exciting day trip in London, as part of their new re-education programme. Looking, thinking and re-evaluating the world around them is a crucial part of a child's core development. A simple stroll down the local high street is magically illuminated by mummy's insights into the nature of society, religion, art and the various other forms of hierarchal or patriarchal oppression.