Nina Mae Fowler | COMING HOME | Laing Art Gallery | Newcastle, UK

December 2020

Sir Ridley Scott in partnership with The National Portrait Gallery London


Nina Mae Fowler's portrait of f award-winning filmmaker Sir Ridley Scott is going on show in Newcastle as part of a special loan agreement with the National Portrait Gallery in London.


Laing Art Gallery says it as an "honour" to be able to display what is described as a "fascinating" drawing of the Blade Runner director. 


The portrait of Sir Ridley - which was a special commission from the London gallery - is on loan as part of a Coming Home initiative which involves lending artworks of iconic people to the areas of the UK with which they are most closely associated.

The acclaimed director, who has received four Oscar nominations for best director, was born in South Shields in 1937 and spent time in his youth in Hartburn, County Durham, later attending West Hartlepool College of Art before moving on to the Royal College of Art in London.


Besides the groundbreaking Alien in 1979 and 1982's Blade Runner, his 40-year plus career - which earned him a Bafta Fellowship award in 2018 - has included such varied hits as Thelma & Louise, Gladiator and Black Hawk Down.

December 16, 2020