Joe Sweeney | MOVING ONLINE | LOOP Studies | Loop Fair Barcelona 2020

November 2020

Joe Sweeney participates in MOVING ONLINE - a webinar organised for LOOP Studies, as part of LOOP Fair 2020 to discuss how the internet can be used as the creative environment.


LOOP Studies is a think tank platform aimed at reflecting on the historical trajectory of and current trends in moving art practices. In gathering together international art professionals, LOOP Studies consists of a series of talks, professional meetings and workshops and constitutes a space for both shared discussion and professional encounters during the course of LOOP Fair Barcelona (16th-26th November 2020).


Joe Sweeney features alongside visual artists Mario Santamaria, Melli Nieling Curator and visual artist Amelie Mckee, artist; David Gryn -  Founder and Director of Daata; Artist and filmmaker Oliver Ressler; Carles Guerra - artist, art critic and independent curator.; Vanina Saracino is an independent curator, film programmer and writer and Salma Tuqan is a Contemporary Art and Design curator and cultural strategist as well as Deputy Director of Delfina Foundation.


The talk was moderated by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi - a curatorial duo trained in ontology, gender and media studies whose main interest resides in investigating the narratives that inform the age of connectivity. After having organized two editions of the Internet Pavilion in the years 2011 and 2013, the team curated The Internet Saga, a solo show by avant-garde filmmaker Jonas Mekas presented on the occasion of the Venice Biennale of Visual Arts (2015).

November 18, 2020