Mark Corfield-Moore | My Mother Was A Computer | Indigo + Madder | London, UK

October 10 - November 19 2022

Amba Sayal-Bennett | Emily Kraus | Johannes Bosisio | László von Dohnányi | Garrett Pruter | Mark Corfield-Moore | William Darrell | Rafał Zajko


Indigo+Madder is thrilled to present My Mother Was a Computer, a group exhibition bringing together works by eight London-based artists to explore notions of agency, subjectivity, and representation through a machinic lens. The show borrows its title from a book of the same name by N. Katherine Hayles, which examines how the lines that once separated analogue from digital, old from new technologies, and humans from machines have become blurred. Within this context, the exhibition considers the complex transactions, entanglements, and exchanges that take place within human and non-human assemblages, and who and what is produced by them.

October 10, 2022