Nina Mae Fowler | Hettie Judah: Love, Celebration and the Road Ahead | TJ Boulting, London, UK

September 29 - October 1 2022
A three-day festival to mark the launch of Hettie Judah’s book How Not to Exclude Artist Mothers (and other parents).
Exhibition, discussions, performances, book stuff.

Thursday 29 September
Private views and book signings
11.00-13.00 with a performance by melissandre varin at 12.00
17.00-20.00 with a performance by Chloe Bonfield at 17.00
All welcome (including offspring)

Friday 30 September
11.00 Echo Morgan: Woman 女 + Horse 马 = Mother 妈 (performance)

11.30-12.30: What Now?
A discussion to identify the most pressing issues currently facing artist mothers and other parents – what change or changes might we want to campaign for as a group?
Chaired by Hettie Judah
Offspring welcome

18.00-19.00 (Re)Entering the Artworld
How to return to making and showing art after pausing your career to raise a family? Artists share their experiences, and through the discussion, identify areas of concern and strategies that can help.
Chaired by Hettie Judah
Offspring welcome

Saturday 1 October
11.30-12.30 The Art Working Parents Alliance
An informal meet-up for parents working in the artworld – gallerists, curators, technicians, academics, critics, publishers and so on – the start of an ongoing project. We want to connect people so that they can share experiences and work toward establishing best practice for parents in the art world. Open to all.
Hosted by Jo Harrison & Hettie Judah
Offspring welcome

September 29, 2022