Girassol: Jonas Pequeno

19 - 30 July 2017 Gallery Exhibitions
Artist Curator Talk Sunday 23rd July 3pm
Cob Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition entitled Girassol, displaying a selection of Jonas Pequeno’s work curated by Jessica Draper. 
Men have historically linked themselves to Gods. Artists in particular. And yet Jonas Pequeno questions the link between Man, God and Nature in a way which far outlives any clichéd posturing of man as God. Influenced by Descartes first book of philosophy on meditations and Joseph Beuys blackboard paintings, the works selected for this show present a multifaceted love story to the possible links between science and art.  
Having just experienced the warmest Summer solstice on record, beating the 31.7C in 1936, the power of the sun is in full swing. ‘Girassol’ is a sunflower and in Portugese is directly translated as “turning sun”. It was also a bar in Pequeno’s hometown. United by a single equation of A’s relationship to B, A being the sun and B, the work, the show is littered with references and clues about this metamorphosing relationship. Each work is accompanied by a series of equation pages, termed by the artist as ‘poems’.  These absurd, seemingly infinite formulas, such as being inside a plane for 6 months or calculating how many times the wheel in the show would take to travel the circumference of the sun create a context for the show. With these in mind, Pequeno creates visual answers to questions we might not have ever asked ourselves, or considered.
Following on from a show curated by Clem Macleod, entitled Combat, this is Pequeno’s second show in London. This bold and ambitious show is a promising indication of an artist whose vision is only just beginning to unfold.