As The Cosmos Unfolds: Millie Brown, Victoria Fornieles, Kate Heath, Craig Lawrence, Lina Iris Viktor, Walter & Zoniel

10 November - 3 December 2016 Gallery Exhibitions

From ashes to the astral plane, all matter is formed from the same basic components: the same essential elements and energies cast into variant forms. This is a truth that permeates spiritual thinking. Conscious of this interconnectedness, the harmonic polyphony of the cosmos and the latent energy present within all things, the Formationist Movement stages its first exhibition As The Cosmos Unfolds at the Cob Gallery.


The Formationist Movement perceives the creation of art as a phenomenon wherein process and concept should be continuously, equally and essentially present.


The Movement encourages debate and discussion about what this can mean at a time when ideas are priceless (in both senses) and, in their ephemerality, easily transferable. In the spirit of perpetual motion and growth, and believing that this approach will generate paths along which to progress and constantly create better work, the Movement intends to shatter the norms established by previous forms and genres.


To begin with, and in light of their views on the universe’s interconnectedness, they are expounding upon contemporary acs of creation and the role of the creator, reflecting upon our ways of dealing with human interaction in the modern world through the macro and the micro relationship with our environment.

The Formationist Movement was conceived by Walter & Zoniel.


As the Cosmos Unfolds, is curated by the artist duo and acts as an introduction to the ideological landscape of this new artistic movement.