Collectors Edition Measuring Elvis

Nina Mae Fowler
Portrait 200 pages
Publisher: Cob Gallery
Dimensions: 330 x 230 mm

Signed, numbered and dated by the artist.


This monograph of works to date by Nina Mae Fowler, explores her practice through the words of cultural figures, from prominent curators, film and art theorists to acclaimed playwrights and Hollywood film directors. This multifaceted approach has resulted in an in-depth and varied commentary on the artist’s unique work and contemporary society’s relationship with fame.


The collector’s edition is presented in a hand made pale silver slipcase and includes a fine art print of ‘Measuring Elvis’, a new work created to celebrate the publication of this monograph.


Contributing Authors inculde:

Performance Artist Eloise Fornieles

Film Director John Maybury

Counterculture Historian Barry Miles

Actress Sienna Miller

Former Director of The National Portrait Gallery and Curator Sandy Nairne

Playwright Polly Stenham

Film Historian and Theorist Dr Margherita Sprio

BP Portrait Award Winning Artist Craig Wylie

Collectors Edition Measuring Elvis: Nina Mae Fowler
£ 250.00