Tirade Magazine - Hayden Kays

Tirade Magazine, December 1, 2016

Hayden Kays is a painter, sculptor and printmaker who fusses Pop

Art aesthetics with YBA sensibilities. His signature pieces, the

Typewriter Series, have earned him critical acclaim and the

attention of celebrity collectors such as Chris Martin, Noel

Fielding and Harry Styles. A selection of these iconic artworks is

currently the subject of an ongoing world tour which has so far

called at London, Paris and Dubai, so now is the ideal time to get

to know the artistic enigma that is Hayden Kays.


Hayden was born in London during the grim Thatcher years and

grew up witnessing first-hand the explosion of young British art,

which gave him a profound sense of the radical possibility of

being an artist. Consequently, his work explores the relationship

between the present moment in mass culture and the ghosts of

the past which still haunt our way of doing and thinking about