Faye Wei Wei is London’s dreamiest painter  

Antonia Marsh, Dazed, April 16, 2017

Confronting cosmic themes of myth, love, and memory, the poetically symbolic elements in young British painter Faye Wei Wei’s towering oil paintings hang suspended in a dreamlike ectoplasm. Brides, sphinxes, boxers, knights, snakes, horses and a lioness all cohabit, enacting a vibrant and mystical silent play, as if dancing off the walls upon which they’re hung for her show Anemones and Lovers opening tonight at Cob Gallery in London. In an enthralling twist, while her canvases exude an indelible sense of femininity that the artist has no issue associating with, her investigation into certain characteristic female and male dichotomies paradoxically expose her concerns with questioning the accepted tropes of each sex.