lorena lohr's photography explores america's sun-bleached south west

Lisa Bonesso, i-D, February 9, 2015

As Lorena Lohr opens her first solo gallery show Ocean Sands, exploring the trashy luxe of motel bathrooms and the pastel landscape backdrops of American South West bars, we speak to the photographer about bland paradises and empty words.


Lorena Lohr's exhibition Ocean Sands opens at The Cob Gallery this evening. In the words of curator, Jessica Draper, the show will be "very much in the style of Lohr: subtle, simple, sexy." Lohr's photographs give us fleeting glances of South West America: a world perpetually frozen in the 70s, its décor both trashy and naïve, where shell shaped basin's are an endearing reminder of a Polly Pocket left out in the sun too long. The hollow promise of paradise in the name Ocean becomes nothing but an empty pipe-dream, yet by leaving enough space for dreaming it retains its magic.