Marie Kaus: ‘I have this inherent need to leap’

Alexander Glover, Studio International, October 26, 2015

The artist discusses her current show with Adeline de Monseignat at the Cob Gallery, why she did a headstand in one of her works, her need to jump off things, and how she became artist in residence at the UCL department of physics and astronomy


In the latest show at the Cob Gallery, artists Adeline de Monseignat (b1987) and Marie Kaus (b1988) have produced works inspired by their engagement with the landscape and horizon of the American south-west. The works in the exhibition are a direct result of an artist’s residency that they went on at separate times. When they got together back in England and discussed their experiences, they realised that they both felt strongly about the human relationship to the landscape. The works that surfaced – according to the press release – “stem from a reflection on the human being’s state of mind while returning to the natural world”.