Emilie Pugh

Claire Mitchell, Aesthetica Magazine, May 10, 2013

Natural Perception was an art show recently curated by Aretha Campbell at 68 Dean Street, a Georgian House in Soho. The apt and stunning venue showcased the work of eight artists including Henry HudsonMat ChiversEmilie PughNancy FoutsDr. Victor SchroederGuy ArchardPhoebe DickinsonAdeline de MonseignatSam PellyYun-Kyung Jeongs and Camilla Emson amidst the wooden beams and cobwebs. The show was a take on Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection. Emilie Pugh, whose work consists of a gentle union between the permanence of ink and the volatility of burning incense-marks into paper, was one of the artists. Emilie has recently secured an artist residency in Berlin to begin this year, and Aesthetica speaks to Emilie about her work.


Her work seems to both antagonise the altering state of the natural world, and clasp it, as she draws on what we can’t see and what we can’t always understand. The layering of this semi translucent material combined with the deliberately rendered punctures and marks create a sense of something stirring and shifting constantly. They are very subjective works. There is a kind of relief in looking at art which softly suggests an explanation for something we cannot always put our finger on.