In the studio with Tomo Campbell

December 16, 2020
Your latest exhibition ‘Go On Then’ was recently on display at Cob Gallery. How do you feel your work has changed since the previous exhibition ‘There’ in 2018?

It’s been two and a half years I think between the two shows, so I think there have been quite practical changes to how I paint, I now work on coloured grounds instead of blank white, and I use printing techniques in the paintings now. I think it’s naturally evolving, but the fundamental ideas in the work have stayed the same. 

I am interested to know about your process. Do you mind talking about how it all comes together?

Ah not at all. When I have a show coming up, I tend to work on multiple paintings at once, to build them up together so that hopefully there’s a clear link running through the work. It’s important to me that the works feel like they’re ongoing, or overlapping with each other. In the show, I took that a little further by actually painting paintings that are in the show back onto other paintings in the show. The whole thing began to envelop itself.


What is your studio routine like? Do you have any rituals, are you painting every day?

My routine is very consistent, I arrive at 10 and leave by 6 every day, I eat the same thing from the same cafe every day, but I suppose that’s not really a ritual, it’s just a preference. The only thing that really changes each day is my mood.