Full of Light: An interview with artist Faye Wei Wei

Anastasia Solovieva, Teeth Magazine, December 6, 2019

Faye Wei Wei (b.1994 South London, UK) tends to begin her work’s preparation on the floor of her studio, where she looks through a vast collection of imagery and drawings, devouring poetry tomes in search of a spark. It’s constellation pageantry that leads her paintings to explore modern mythmaking and youthful tales of love. 

Painting chose Faye at 16. She remembers her art studios often being open late at night, and on one lucky evening, she had the downstairs basement studio all to herself. “I laid a carpet of off-white glorious paper upon the floor and spent hours using my feet to dance a giant brush loaded with ink across the floor, going in with a smaller detailed brush to access the smaller pockets of the painting. It felt like a magical ritual. I was hooked,” she recalls.