Cat Roissetter – English Filth | A new art exhibition that plays at the edges of your perceptions

The Fall, September 17, 2020

A new art exhibition that plays at the edges of your perceptions.


The title of celebrated English contemporary artist Cat Roissetter’s new exhibition, English Filth, serves three very important purposes.  Firstly, it aptly describes the materials she uses to create her art – oil-soaked paper, repeatedly worked into with lines and blocks of graphite colour.  This method is what gives the works its tangible, relatable and yet fascinating quality.  The images depicted are only recognisable when they eye is giving a moment to decode the shapes, colours and unrestrained strokes.  Notably, when our eyes do pull the images out of the canvas, it’s not lithe, supermodel-esque figures we’re looking at.  There’s a deliberate attempt to ground the work in the real world, with her subjects featuring real curves and even occasionally bloated forms.  All of which directly feeds into the psychology behind the title.