TEN’S TO SEE: ‘ENGLISH FILTH’ | Cat Roissetter

Paul Toner, 10 Magazine, September 16, 2020

Cat Roissetter is fascinated with the human body. The Sheffield-based artist has spent the last year observing the British form, and by that, we mean newspaper clippings of footy hooligans and Brit’s abroad.

“I enjoy the relationship that these images have with historical English paintings and 19th Century British genre and satire painting,” explains Roissetter – who says she can see particular likeliness of beer-bellied, ruddy-faced punters with the characters found in the drawings and paintings of William Hogarth.

The artist has blended this wide range of photographic sources – which also includes Toby Jugs and niche pornography – in a range of drawings which make up her new solo exhibition. Titled English Filth, this series of distorted sketches represent a specific idea of English culture – “a crusted veneer of politeness that masks a festering mass of seediness and vice,” reads the press release.