Diane Dal Pra- Five artists on our radar this September

Gemma Rolls-Bentley, Artsy Editorial, September 1, 2020
Diane Dal-Pra’s work is currently on view at London’s Cob Gallery for her debut solo show, “Of Course You Are.” The show, which has been on view by appointment only since July, sold out in the days before it officially opened, securing the artist’s position as a rising star of European art.
“Of Course You Are” presents a series of large-scale portraits rendered in a muted palette of oils that explore the relationship between the body and material objects. Masked and shrouded figures are contorted against the pressure of everyday objects, and disappear beneath layers of painted fabric. These morphed figures pose questions about identity, such as: Do our possessions define us? The uncanny nature of Dal-Pra’s work is achieved through a combination of reality and fantasy, figuration and abstraction that recalls early