Photographers making isolation sexy

TJ Sidhu, The Face, March 23, 2020

Self-isolation. All feels a bit George Orwell doesn’t it? Commutes are now roughly 50 seconds long. Bed-kitchen table-sofa-bed. Personal hygiene is long gone. FaceTime is the new good-time-gal and it’s likely you’ve been wearing tracksuit bottoms for eight days straight.

If by now you’re starting to feel a bit doolally, take a breather and check out the photographers and curators capturing isolation in many forms on their Instagrams, from the confines of the living room walls, of course. Loneliness never looked so inviting…


Lorena Lohr captures mundane moments and flips them into romantic viewpoints, as shown in her photography book Tonight Lounge published by independent north London gallery, Cob Gallery, accompanying the exhibition of the same name shown earlier this year. A solo, sickly-sweet milkshake topped with whipped cream, a lipstick-stained cigarette lying limply on the floor, and the corner of a mint green café wall are subjects Lohr often plays with. Attention to detail is key in her work, as is the killer colour palette of blush pinks, reds and blues.