Photo finish: the photography books worth a second look

JESSICA KLINGELFUSS, Wallpaper*, January 7, 2020

The influence of the humble (and not so humble, on occasion) photobook on the world of photography has been nothing short of monumental. Stoked by the advent of the digital age, the photobook has become increasingly central to artists’ practices – the ‘supreme platform to disseminate work’, notes collector and photographer Martin Parr. As we hurtle into a new decade, the Wallpaper* photography desk picks out its favourite recently published titles for your perusing pleasure.


Hardback-bound in pink leatherette, the first complete survey of Lorena Lohr’s still lifes from a decade of travels in the US couldn’t come in a more enticing package. Tonight Lounge spans the desert towns of Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Utah and a new body of work from the American Midwest, as well as Lohr’s photographs of the Texas-Mexican border town of El Paso – a subject that become all the more compelling as political and social anxieties come to a boil during an election year. Actor and musician Kirk Lake has contributed text to the book, alongside an essay by writer and editor Louise Benson, a longtime collaborator of Lohr.