The Week Reviews An Exhibition In A Private Gallery

The Week, December 14, 2019
The Canadian photographer Lorena Lohr (b.1990) has spent the past decade travelling around the US on public transport, capturing details of its lesser-visited towns and glorifying in the beauty of the ostensibly mundane. This exhibition brings together a selection of images created over the past few years in locations as disparate as Tennessee, Nevada and Colorado, highlighting Lohr’s painterly approach. In these photos, vast desert skies dwarf abridged stubs of commercial signage; a poster bearing an image of Elvis Presley caught mid-song flaps in the wind; and dusty landscapes glimpsed from bus windows blur into rapturous abstractions. Even an abandoned wastepaper basket is given improbable dignity, its ultramarine colouring gleaming against a pastel pink wall in the winter sunshine. The America Lohr depicts could not be more different from the homogenised mall culture we might associate with that country: instead, the focus is on the handmade, the idiosyncratic and the overlooked. Prices start at £500.