Tristan Pigott paints “real contemporaries” in upcoming solo exhibition, Juicy Bits

Lucy Bourton, It's Nice That, May 24, 2017

Tristan Pigott’s highly detailed oil paintings have already gained the artist a keen following. Clearly because of his immense skill with a paintbrush but also because Tristan paints relatable content. He creates fine art that isn’t over intellectualised, which is what makes it so intelligent.


The artist is currently preparing for Juicy Bits, his latest solo exhibition at Cob Gallery, London. “The kind of people that Tristan Pigott depicts are our real contemporaries,” explains the gallery. “People who are attuned to the way that self-image is constantly chopped up, repackaged and beamed back to us through the wires and lenses of modern culture; the way that identity is always on exhibition, long before artists get involved.”


The exhibition sees Tristan “experiment with the theme of nature morte, or, literally, dead life, through the form of imaginative multi-media work, combining painting with time-lapse and 3D-printed sculpture”. Each of these counterparts will be installed in a setting resembling a living room, continuing the artist’s concept of “shifting the mundane into the arrestingly peculiar”.