Hannah Bays on influences and techniques

Flaunt Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, July 26, 2016

Desire Peaks, the debut solo exhibition of Royal Academy graduate Hannah Bays at Cob Gallery, was received with rave reviews. The show definitely stirred the senses with its bold thick strokes and vibrant color scheme, flowing cohesively to create a distinct body of work.


Aesthetically Bays’ work has been “conflating and distorting everyday graphic signs and symbols in a way that playfully elucidates.” This take on common signs is prevalent in Desire Peaks with pieces like "Dollr," showcasing a contorted body limb money sign. Of her next collection Bays is “making a series of paint drawings on board on the floor, leaving in all the dirty finger marks, crumbs, and footprints.” This new project is a contrast to Desire Peaks’ glossy output and is equally anticipated. Bays clearly has a concise point of view and a message to be conveyed to the art world through each brush stroke.