Plenty of Most Things at the London Art Fair

Paul Carey-Kent, FAD Magazine , January 16, 2019

There are no mega-galleries or old masters at the London Art Fair (16-20 Jan), but there is a lot of pretty much everything else. Modern British classics; surprising discoveries; adventurous new international work<; over-tasteful middle of the road fare; and trite knock-offs. A curated photography show; a film programme; museum presences (Eastbourne’s Towner Gallery is centre stage); and special areas of focus – this year it’s South America and ceramics. Here are ten things which interested me...


Alba Hodsoll’s ‘Seed’ series doesn’t quite qualify for the ceramics tag: they push the sea coconut, already the most easily sexualised of natural materials, even further by casting them in materials – such as silicone and plaster – which often come into contact with the body for medical or cosmetic purposes. Pushing into the absurd, they are then titled after sex toys – reminding us that Coco de Mer is already the name of a group of high-end sex shops.