A Good Start to the Year: The Best Things to Do in January

Jared Phanco, AnOther, January 2, 2019

Through the Looking Glass at Cob Gallery, London: until January 19, 2019.
Continuing this month, Cob Gallery’s Through the Looking Glass is an exhibition showcasing miniature artworks from historical and contemporary artists, by the likes of Jake and Dinos Chapman, Mat Collishaw, Grayson Perry, and Pablo Picasso, curated by Alteria Art, Cob Gallery and James Putnam. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s 1871 novel of the same name, the exhibition aims to manipulate the viewer’s sensory perceptions upon confronting these miniature masterpieces. Alongside the diminutive pieces, a room will be dedicated to Alexander Calder’s Le Cirque Calder, a film shot by Vilardebo showing Calder conducting a miniature circus show.