London Art Exhibitions January 2019 – Paul Carey- Kent

Paul Carey-Kent, Artlyst, December 26, 2018

Through the Looking Glass at the Cob Gallery, Camden to 19 Jan London Art Exhibitions January 2019.


44 artists contribute small works to the highly entertaining show ‘Through the Looking Glass’: ideal holiday season fare, but with plenty of yuletide food for thought as well. James Capper, Polly Morgan, Gavin Turk and Paul Benney, with his boldly punning locket and clasp ‘Story of the Eye’ above, excel. As do two artists invert each other: Nancy Fouts’ ‘Happy Pills’ 2018 are actually ladybirds trapped by a visual pun; whereas there really are pills inside Alice Anderson’s worryingly totemic ‘Sedatives’ 2018.