Intimate and Sensual Collages Showing Different Views of Femininity

Belle Hutton, AnOther Magazine, October 26, 2018

In the collages of Katrien de Blauwer, contradictions abound. The Belgian artist balances intimacy and anonymity in her fragmented pieces, which generally comprise found photography and tears of paper and card. “I like to think of my collages as small personal histories. A union of autobiography and impersonality where I become a neutral intermediary,” De Blauwer explains. “Without being the author, I integrate them into my own interior world, a world I’m revealing in the third person.” The fact that De Blauwer introduces her own subjectivities when creating her collages – she has said that she hardly includes images of men in her pieces because her adolescence was absent a male figure, for example – does render them personal, but in turn the lack of faces, and especially eyes, allows for a degree of objectivity, and for the viewer to relate to the work.