Faye Wei Wei on Why Mythology Is a Millennial Concept

Will Furtado, Sleek Magazine, April 2, 2018

According to Faye Wei Wei, mythology is actually a millennial concept. Usually featuring snakes, thorns and young couples, her paintings are loaded with symbolic modern day motifs, questionable heroes, gender tropes and an appreciation of the surreal. This could be due to her upbringing in West London, where every Saturday morning her father took her on a treasure hunt through Portobello market.


“We would wake up at 5am and go together,” she reminisces. “I adored wandering around all the stalls looking at all the beautiful jewels and shining chandeliers, old wooden carved figures, tables made with inlaid wood, antique glass that I couldn’t believe could have survived – something so fragile and brittle living through time.”